Creating personalized subscriber journeys should not be hard

Save time and effort while giving your subscribers a more personal experience with automated email journeys.

iContact email automation

Create personalized subscriber journeys

Get the conversation started and keep it going easily. Pick the triggers that kick off things in your automation journey and define rules easily that put customers on their own unique paths.

Date in time

Make those special days even more special by automating personalized messages that trigger on specific dates. 

email automation

Build a connection with your new subscribers with multistep emails

Think beyond basic autoresponders. Build multistep welcome and nurturing emails for new subscribers that guide them through those crucial early days.

welcome series email automation
iContact automation landing pages

Take email automation beyond subject lines

Create a seamless connection across email and your landing pages so you can nurture your subscribers based on their engagement and interactions online such as visits, clicks and form conversions.

Build unique paths for your customers with email marketing automation

Use our intuitive builder with the flexibility of custom date fields to create highly personalized customer journeys. Never send a generic birthday or anniversary email again. Make it relevant and personal.

birthday email automation

Email Marketing Automation FAQs

What is email marketing automation?

Email marketing automation is an efficiency tool that uses data, time, and/or action triggers to provide subscribers with a unique, personalized email experience. This automated process allows companies to save time, expand customer reach and most importantly, boost subscriber engagement.


How is marketing automation different from email marketing?

Email marketing is the act of sending a broadcast email message, typically to a large group, to promote a company and the product(s) or service(s) it has to offer. It does not take into account any triggers or data. The whole audience receives the same message.

Marketing automation allows marketers and business owners to send the right message, to the right person, at the right time. By sending emails based on when a trigger occurs and then following up with decision or data based decisions/actions, the right message or action can be utilized. Contacts can be added and updated and list subscriptions can be altered.


How can marketing automation help grow my email list?

Marketing automation is a great way to deliver consistent, individually tailored experiences to your customers. Each individual’s journey progresses based on their unique set of behaviors and actions, which means you can spend less time analyzing insights and more time implementing best strategies to reach your goals. It also helps with subscriber retention, which leads to growth rather than subscriber churn.

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