Email Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations

Did you know that Email accounts for 41% of a nonprofit’s online revenue? Learn why the best nonprofits trust their annual fundraising to iContact’s easy-to-use email marketing platform.


iContact knows what campaigns in email marketing for Nonprofits work best

When it comes to email marketing for Nonprofits, iContact knows which features matter most for driving donations and organizing volunteers.

Segment lists by donor, volunteer, or event goer

Segmenting contacts by “type” is not only an email marketing best practice, but it’s also an incredible feature that allows you to send the right message to the right people. Our segmentation tools are super-intuitive and easy to use.

Use email marketing sign-up forms to learn more about your donors

Our sign-up forms are simple to create and can be hosted on your nonprofit’s website and social channels. The information collected can be used to send more personalized, targeted, and relevant messages to those subscribers.

Social scheduling with one click

Push your message to all of your social channels with the click of a button. Simply schedule your email and opt to send to social networks during the scheduling process.

Easy-to-edit templates built for any occasion

Looking to build campaigns around annual giving, an event, or a welcome series? Our template library has HUNDREDS of pre-designed drag-and-drop templates that are built for any occasion — no HTML experience necessary! Your nonprofit’s colors, fonts, and images are easily incorporated, simply update your message’s content and hit send.

Nonprofits that believe in iContact's email marketing platform

Charities and Nonprofit organizations know a thing or two about running an efficient operation on a small budget. That’s why they love using iContact’s easy and affordable products. (You will, too!)

Strategic Advisors
Get personalized, one-on-one advice from our strategic advisors that will help you reach your email marketing goals.
Deliverability Services
Get guidance from our team on how you can improve your deliverability and ensure that your emails make it to the inbox.
Email Design Services
Get custom, beautiful designs from our team that will catch your subscriber’s attention and help your emails stand out.

Get the email marketing for Nonprofits discount

All qualifying nonprofits receive a 20% discount

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“With iContact, we manage different lists of subscribers such as investors, corporate players, or entrepreneurs; this allows us to segment our messages to the right audience for better engagement. I can say without a doubt, email marketing with iContact is our biggest driver of traffic to the conference event website, accounting for 50% of the page’s traffic each month.”

— Emily McLoughlin
Communications Manager

The Open Space Council
“We’ve been with iContact since 2007. Their customer service is great — it’s so nice to be able to speak with a person quickly. iContact’s template feature is so easy-to-use, we can quickly create and send out an email without any HTML code know-how required.”

— Kat Dockery
Executive Director


Need additional support for email marketing for Nonprofits

Learn more about our team of dedicated email consultants and the services they can provide your organization.


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